COVID-19 Worship Guidelines

The Refuge Church October 2020 Indoor Service & Ministry

Re-opening Guidelines

“Spring 2020 we were to shelter in place;
As we continue forward, we want to shelter in grace.”

What a whirlwind the past months have been. The sudden closure of society in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 has required us to consider many details as a church family in hopes of meeting together.

With careful thought and planning, we believe that the following guidelines will create a helpful indoor ministry environment. Our plan will include trusting the personal responsibility of those who attend The Refuge. As a church family we want to be caring and provide a safe place to gather, especially during traditional cold and flu season. We will hope that honoring these guidelines and taking preventative measures will help us all stay healthier and allow us to continue to meet together. Guidelines may be modified as the situation changes.

COVID-19 Cases:

If you or a family members tests positive for COVID-19, please contact the church. Your information will be confidential. If there are two simultaneous cases in the church, we will shut down for 2-weeks.

Indoor Service Gathering Guidelines:

  • To honor others, everyone is asked to wear a mask in the building if you are physically able to (speakers and singers will remove them temporarily to be heard more clearly)
  • Keep a distance of 6’ from others
  • Sit with your own family unit and leave at least 3 chairs of space between groups
  • Use bathrooms one person or one family group at a time; wait outside door
  • Hand washing and hand sanitizer usage are encouraged and readily available
  • During fellowship time, please use social distancing and wear a mask indoors

    or enjoy fresh air and outdoor conversation.

  • Please stay home and recuperate if you have symptoms of fever, vomiting,

    diarrhea, persistent coughing, sneezing, sore throat, congestion or other respiratory issues.

    Indoor Environment Modifications:

  • Sanctuary doors will be left open
  • Classrooms will be locked when not in use
  • Water fountain will be unavailable
  • Hand sanitizer will be available around the foyer
  • Bulletins, other printed materials will be handed out at the welcome table

We realize that some some of you will not be comfortable meeting in person and we encourage you to join us on FaceBook live. Decision-making in response to COVID-19 is quite personal and perspectives may vary widely. It is our desire to foster unity as Psalm 133:1-3 says, “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!”… there the Lord bestows his blessing. It is also a blessing when we are respectful of each other’s decisions and make a place to shelter in grace.